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Constance van Berckel

is an independent curator, art entrepreneur and event organizer.


She is dedicated to merging art and creativity with personal development and nature's lessons, in order to inspire positive societal change.


Constance currently divides her time between Amsterdam and Tuscany, where in 2022 she founded SOPRA SOTTO, an interdisciplinary art residency and creative think tank. The aim is to bring together artists, creators, thinkers, and visionaries from diverse backgrounds, to collectively address pressing issues of our time.

In addition to artist residencies, SOPRA SOTTO also offers creative wellness retreats (open to everyone, not just artists) and tailor-made art tours and travel experiences in Tuscany and beyond.

Rooted in reconnecting with oneself, others, and nature, the SOPRA SOTTO art residency fosters collaboration and cross-pollination between its residents. By harnessing art as a potent tool for exploration, research, communication and education, the project strives to reimagine alternative futures in our digital age and beyond, for the community as well as the collective.


Constance's journey has taken her from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, Berlin, and Tuscany. She gained valuable knowledge by starting her career in the art market, working at several established galleries, after which she went on to working independently and founding several successful ventures like Art Tours Berlin and AXS ART.  In recent years, Constance has shifted her focus to a more conceptual and process-based approach in regards to working in the world of art. Her attention is now directed towards dialogue and exchange of ideas with and between artists, as opposed to artistic output and materialized results. Constance spends her time working on various projects, from organizing exhibitions, art events, to creative retreats and interdisciplinary art residencies. Through her extensive experience, she has developed a deep understanding of how to use art and creativity as tools for positive change. Next to her focus on art residencies, Constance organizes regular retreats centered on creativity and inner work, believing that positive societal change begins from within. She is currently exploring ways to integrate residencies with wellness retreats, where artistic exploration intertwines effortlessly with personal development.



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