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is a project dedicated to merging creativity, personal growth, and nature to inspire positive societal change.


This is done through interdisciplinary art residencies and wellness retreats in Tuscany.


Both provide a container to slow down, and  reconnect to self, others and nature.


SOPRA SOTTO offers artist residencies, wellness retreats, and international art travel.

The artist residencies are focused on artists and culture shapers. For several weeks, an interdisciplinary group of creatives is invited to live communally and create, work and learn together, using art and creativity as tools to research and examine societal systems.



The wellness retreats are open to anyone who wants to join (not just artists or creatives), and provide time in nature to slow down, be creative and revitalize body and mind.


SOPRA SOTTO also offers tailor-made luxury art tours & travel in Tuscany, Amsterdam, Berlin and more, providing an enriching experience of contemporary art and culture.

SOPRA SOTTO comes from "come sopra, così sotto", which translates to "as above, so below".

This mystical axiom suggests the interconnectedness of the universe, where events are mirrored on different planes - be it macrocosmic/ microcosmic, spiritual/ material or celestial/ terrestrial. Understanding one level offers insight into another, and can reveal links, patterns and the oneness of life. 


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