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About Constance

After completing her art history studies in the Netherlands, Constance continued to do an Art and Business MA at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, and found herself in the vibrant art scene of Los Angeles. Besides gaining experience at various world-renowned commercial galleries, she also worked at an influential non-profit space, where she discovered her passion for the process-based and artist-focused aspects of working in the field of art.

This pivotal moment steered her towards Berlin, where she founded two art companies: Art Tours Berlin in 2016, with the goal to open up the Berlin art scene through regular gallery tours, art trips, panel talks and gallery dinners. In 2018 she founded AXS ART, an online art gallery aiming to democratize the practice of art collecting for starting collectors, as well as to support emerging artists in the early stages of their career. ​Upon relocating to Amsterdam in 2020, Constance continued her exploration of innovative projects, particularly in curating exhibitions and event programs, such as panel talks, performances, life drawing sessions and gallery dinners.

Since 2022, Constance has been based between Amsterdam and Tuscany, where she founded SOPRA SOTTO, an interdisciplinary art residency and creative think tank for artists and culture shapers. The residency provides a space to retreat from our fast-paced digital world to slow down and reconnect to ourselves, one another and nature. The intention is to foster collaboration and cross-pollination between the residents and local communities, and to collectively examine pressing issues in our world today. Art and creativity are not approached as an end goal in itself, but as a powerful tool for optimistic and all-round research, communication and education. SOPRA SOTTO seeks to create a container to question outdated paradigms, both within ourselves as in society as a whole, and to transmute these into alternative futures and sustainable systems, for the community as well as the collective.


In addition to her focus on art residencies, Constance is passionate about regenerative living, self-sufficient communities, holistic health and the mind/body connection, as well as the interplay between mysticism, philosophy and scientific research. She organizes wellness retreats focused on creativity, nature and consciousness, believing that societal change begins with inner transformation. Currently, Constance is exploring ways to integrate art residencies with retreats, where artistic exploration intertwines effortlessly with personal growth. Constance's long-term goal includes creating education programs focused on artistic expression and authentic living for both adults and children, blending creativity, nature, embodiment, intuition, and self-reflection. Her vision is to inspire a new generation of open-minded and creative thinkers through innovative lifelong learning strategies.  Through her art initiatives, retreats, and nomadic artist residencies, she aims to combine art, nature's wisdom, and social change to foster a more interconnected, synergetic, and creatively enriched world.


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