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Tuscan Retreat, September 2024

This retreat takes place against the lush backdrop of the Volterra countryside at the Transmission School, an international center for holistic and transformative teachings, and fosters communal, harmonious and natural living.


We will explore the senses, feminine energy, creative expression, embodied movement, and how to live with nature’s cycles. This will be done through daily yoga, art workshops, women’s circles, sensual dancing, nature hikes, and heart-opening cacao ceremonies.

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This retreat is organized by Constance of SOPRA SOTTO, a project dedicated to merging creativity, personal growth and nature, to inspire positive societal change. This edition is a collaboration with Max Zara Sterck, who is a fashion (and ‘body’) designer and embodiment coach. Joining us as well are Anna Drescher, for daily yoga and meditation, and Saraamina & Adele of Earth Body for sharing their herbal wisdom.

You will get to experience the guidance of Max Zara through 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Max Zara has her own fashion label, and sees garments as a natural extension of the body, for movement and expression. In her design process she observes the body in movement to discover shapes and emphasize with the feeling of sensuality. Max Zara also coaches other creatives in their design process through embodiment practices and energy work.


Rejuvenate your body and mind with intuitive morning yoga and meditations led by Anna, who is a yoga & meditation teacher with 10+ years of experience. She holds space for all to empower themselves by reconnecting through the senses. You'll experience movement, breath, meditation in a creative, fun, and grounding way. The goal at the end? Experience that sweet fatigue.


Indulge your senses with Earth Body, an ode to the beauty of nature and a collaborative project by Adele and Saraamina, a plant-loving, earth-stewarding duo. Combining their background in hospitality and events with their passion for herbalism, floristry, and cyclical living, they share immersive floral workshops, guided tea meditations, and botanical musings to bring people back to themselves through community and nature.


The lovely staff of the Transmission School will prepare nourishing and healthy vegetarian meals. The location’s amenities include a large swimming pool with panoramic views, an inspiring room for art & crafting, and a calm temple space for yoga and dance. We will also have the opportunity to explore the wonderful surroundings and culture of the area, through hikes, picnics and visiting the historical and picturesque city of Volterra.


Experience early summer in Tuscany, its orange sunsets, lush nature and join us for this week of joy, wellness, empowerment and connection to yourself, others and nature!

Book now via

27 May - 2 June

The Transmission School 

Podere Fiorli, Via Vicinale di Poggilamo 76, 56048

Volterra, Italy

Travel to Pisa or Florence

Travel by public transport from: 

Pisa > Pontedera = 30 mins 

Florence > Pontedera = 1,5 hours 


Travel by bus from: 

Pontedera > Transmission School = 1 hour 

Leave from bus stop ‘Corsia 5’; take bus 500; exit at bus stop ‘Spedaletto Bivio’ 

You will be picked up at the bus stop (5 mins from Transmission School) 


Travel by shuttle from: 

Pontedera > Transmission School = 40 mins 

Costs are € 70 pp total for pick up & drop off

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